Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Food Processor Egg Noodles

2 c flour
2 whole eggs
½ tsp salt
1 T oil (vegetable, olive, etc.)
4-6 T water (depending on humidity in your house)

In a food processor with the dough attachment blade, add the flour, eggs, salt, oil and 4 T of water. Turn on and let it mix until it forms a ball. Add water one tablespoon at a time if it doesn't seem to pull together. Immediately wrap in plastic wrap and let set for an hour.

Cut dough in half, then sprinkle flour on a counter or table and roll out into a sheet the thickness you desire and cut into noodles or shapes. (A pizza cutter makes it super quick!) Immediately cook the pasta in salted boiling water, for up to 5 mins, but keep an eye on it. When it floats, it's ready to drain and serve. Depending on the thickness of the noodle, they could take 2 mins to cook or a full 5.

If you're not ready to cook them right away, you can flour them well, let them dry for about an hour, then form the noodles into a nest shape. Let them dry completely, transfer them to airtight storage, and store them up to 4-6 weeks in a dark, dry place (such as a pantry). You can also freeze them.

Serve with butter or the sauce of your choice, or mix with beef or chicken pieces and gravy for a complete meal.

If you have a pasta machine, this makes the process SO much easier. Whip it through the machine once to flatten to the thickness of your choosing, then send it through the cutting blade. Perfect pasta EVERY time.

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