Friday, May 29, 2015

Cream Cheese Shower Mints

1 8oz pkg cream cheese (in a block, not the whipped kind)
1 32oz pkg powdered sugar
½ tsp mint flavoring (mint, peppermint, spearmint or whatever flavor you prefer)
food coloring of your choice (gel works best)
granulated sugar (½ cup or so)
Candy mold (optional - hard plastic or silicone both work fine)

Beat cream cheese in a mixer or food processor until smooth. Add powdered sugar (cover mixer with towel so it doesn't blow all over) and mint flavoring, and mix together until it forms a doughy consistency. Remove from food processor or mixer and turn onto counter (you can line with wax paper first if you'd like). Add drops of food coloring and knead with your hands (you might want to use rubber gloves for this, the coloring will stain your hands) until it's well-mixed. Measure out

Measure out about ½ tsp of mint mixture and roll in the palm of your hand, then toss into sugar until coated. Press into candy mold and flip onto waxed paper. If you choose not to use a candy mold, you can form them into little balls and then flatten with the back of a fork dipped in sugar. Let dry in the fridge for four hours on one side, flip and let dry for another 4 hours.

They can be frozen ahead of time, but freeze them flat before putting into a zipper freezer bag, otherwise they'll stick together. When thawing them out, make sure to remove them from a bag and put them on paper towels on a flat surface in the fridge.

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