Thursday, December 5, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Salad

This is the most supremely lazy recipe for a most delicious meal.

Bagged lettuce (I used romaine, spring mix and baby spinach)
Grape tomatoes
Pre-breaded chicken strips (frozen chicken tenders is what I used, but you can use fresh)
Cookies brand "Wings n' Things" hot sauce (or the sauce of your choice)
Ranch dressing (I use Hidden Valley Ranch - buttermilk recipe)

While the oven preheated for the chicken strips, I made the salad dressing and mixed the bags of lettuce together in a big bowl. Remember, I always make enough for lots of leftovers, hence the three bags of lettuce. Since my kiddo doesn't like croutons and hubby doesn't like grape tomatoes, I left the ingredients separate so everybody could make it to their liking.

Once the chicken strips were done, I dunked them in the hot sauce, then sliced them into smaller strips.

Throw everything you want in the bowl with the dressing and top with fresh crushed black pepper.

You could add shredded cheese, crumbled blue cheese, celery, carrots, bacon or any other fresh vegetables of your choosing.

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