Thursday, January 24, 2013

My 2¢ Worth

I'm very fortunate to have good blog readers who don't do this, but when I look at other peoples recipes pages, I notice a growing trend and it really annoys me.

Jane Doe shares her recipe for a killer pot roast (her words, mind you -- I haven't tried it yet). Reader 1 comments, "This sounds great! I can't wait to try it." Reader 2 says, "Instead of water, I use beef broth, but I like your take on the (special ingredient)." Reader 3 responds, "Instead of beef broth, I mix a beef bouillon cube with a bottle of beer (or a can of Coke or a cup of coffee or whatever)." Reader 4 has to put her thoughts in, too, "I did this and used the Coke instead of plain water and used reduced salt beef bouillon cubes and added paprika, garlic powder and as a twist, a tablespoon of brown sugar. Excellent!"


Dear Reader 1,
You get to stay.
That's How It's Done

Dear Readers 2-4,
If you did those things, then don't comment on this woman's recipe because you didn't use it - you adapted it and essentially created your own recipe. Especially you, Reader #4. It's kind of like that woman on Pinterest who "tests" the ideas but instead of following the DIY steps as they're written she substitutes different things and expects the same results. That's not how it works. Do your recipe the way you wanna do it, but don't act like you're doing the readers a favor by changing the recipe to something completely different and still acting like it's the original poster's recipe.


Seriously, kids. It's not tough to create a recipe blog. Find a free blog site. Click "create" and post your own recipes, but stop playing "Telephone" with other people's recipes.

Annnnnd off my soapbox. Carry on and happy cooking.

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