Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God bless you, Mary Ann!

When I saw this video I wondered how well it really worked. In concept, I thought it was brilliant, but as you know, most of what you see on TV or YouTube is inaccurate. This, however, was an exception. It totally works!!!

I was very pleasantly surprised. She said to boil them about 15 minutes, but I did 20, as they still seemed a bit too firm after 15. Also, what she doesn't tell you is to use a couple more potatoes than what you think you'll need because sometimes the peel takes off a little bit more of the potato than it should. Not a lot and not with every potato, but it'll allow for a little extra just in case. Also, there may be some peel left on the potatoes. You can cut it off or leave it on. I left it on and you couldn't even tell once I mashed them.

So thank you, Mary Ann for the potato trick! You've peeled precious time off of mashed potatoes for me!

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