Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Passion Tea Lemonade

I. Love. SUMMER!

Summer brings Passion Tea Lemonade back to Starbucks!! Since I don't live next door to a SB and couldn't afford to buy one of these everyday even if I did, I learned how to make them at home. It's really not that tough.

2 bags Tazo Passion Tea (bought by the canister at Starbucks or online)
2 c pre-made Lemonade (I use Simply Lemonade, but Kool-Aid will do in a pinch)
Sweetener of your choice (you can use simple syrup or sugar. I use Stevia.)

Brew your tea according to pkg directions and add sweetener, if you like. Mix half-and-half with the lemonade and serve over ice. You can add a splash of any fruit juice you choose to change it up a bit, too. I know at one time, Starbucks combined it with an orange syrup for a yummy twist. :) This recipe is enough for two servings.


  1. I LOVE this tea... from Starbucks... haven't made at home. Will try this. I make a GREAT frozen strawberry lemonade. My friends FREAK over it. Love these summer drinks.

  2. yummm this looks so yummy... =) In case you are wondering who the heck I am .. Helen aka @DonnieDollGirl told me to check out your blogs and follow them as they are awesome.. Hope you dont mind